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Tales from the Trunk 

Join Perse and her dragon, Englebert, on adventures through time! A trunk, a pair of sturdy boots, and a pen and paper is all she needs to bring you along for the ride: from the ancient Welsh mountains to the grassy plains of Mongolia​

How it works
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How it works 

Perse sends all her letters out via the old fashioned postal system so keep an eye out on your letter boxes for her special stamped envelope. 

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I. Choose your subscription option and wait for your letter in the post. 

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II. Read about Perse and Englebert's latest adventures.  

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III. Explore more about where and when they have visited in her adventure journal 

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IV. Write and send your very own adventure to someone far away  using Perse's postcard. 

About Perse
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About Perse 

Persephone (although she much prefers Perse) wanders through time, experiencing myths, legends, and moments of history as an eye witness to them. She travels with her adopted pet dragon Englebert by her side and her trusty old trunk filled with books, her typewriter, Adventure Journal, and, most importantly, tea. 

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About Me 

I am a writer, podcaster and classical history nerd. You may have heard me on my show What You May Have Mythed! When I am not creating fanatical stories for Perse and her lovable dragon Englebert or working on my podcast, I enjoy a good book in a comfortable armchair infront of a fire with my cat. 

About me
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